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Tell a Friend and get paid

We'd like to offer you the chance of earning money by advertising for us, we already use the big players like google and facebook for advertising, however we've decided to give something back to our users, you!

Tell your friends and get them to signup and we'll give you $0.50c for each person that signs up, it's that simple. Simply login to your account and you'll be provided a unique URL on this page, provide this URL to all your friends and we'll pay you $0.50c for each person that signs up.

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Add your URL to your website or email your member list and tell them about it.

Soon there will be other methods for you to earn money on our site, so start now before everyone else gets in first!

Credit can be used to send messages without adverts, send bulk messages, for advertising or if you reach $20, you can choose to withdraw the funds to a NZ bank account or to cash in your credit for a $20 topup voucher for your NZ mobile.

Credit is only assigned to your account for new signups and for people that have verified their email address. If you abuse this service or try scam the system your account will be suspended.

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