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Ways to make money!

There are a number of ways to make money from our website while still enjoying the free and paid services we offer. When you make money with us, your account balance will increase and you will notice a statement entry gets added to your account so you can see where your funds come from. You can use your funds for advertising services with us, or use your credit to send TXT messages or Bulk SMS messages to a group of people.

When your credit reaches $20.00 we can either pay you via Paypal,bank transfer, or we can TXT you a Topup voucher for the network of your choice to the value of $20.

Tell a Friend Simply refer friends to our website using your unique website URL, share it on facebook, attach it to the bottom of emails, add it to the signature of your forum posts. What ever you do, DO NOT SPAM as this is not an acceptable method of advertising.

Not only do we pay you for referring someone to our site, but every advertising message they receive, we'll pay you $0.04c!

$0.15c per signup PLUS $0.04c per message they receive
Survey Complete our survey and we'll pay you for your time. We will not share the information you provide, however we will use this information should you opt-in to receive promotional TXT messages where we pay you for every message you receive and you set how much you want to be paid per message!
Receive TXT Ads Opt-In to receive promotional TXT messages from our advertisers, select how much you want to be paid per message and how many messages you wish to receive a week. Each message you receive from our advertisers, we pay all of this commision to you, the end user $0.01 to $0.20c per message

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