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Free Services

We offer FREE text messages to all networks, there is a restriction of 2 messages per hr for un-registered users and 5 messages per hr for registered users. The sending of our free messages is funded by the adverts displayed to you when you send a Free TXT messages.

Free TXT As already mentioned, this service is completely free, it doesn't cost you to send and it doesn't cost the receipt to receive the message either. This service is paid for by advertising so please don't abuse the service.
Activate Number Activate your number which allows you to send messages from your own number, this means when someone replies to a message you send from WebSMS the message will be sent directly to your mobile phone completely free.
Blacklist Number Blacklist your number on our site, this is useful if people are sending abusive TXT messages to your phone from our website or if you don't wish to receive any messages from our site.

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