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Info for Advertisers

WebSMS has a unique advertising method which allows you to target traffic to your website. Rather than paying for a link on our website which can often receive millions of impressions with very little clicks, we provide you with both a link to your company site & we forward the user to your website through a pop-under window for each message sent.

If you wish to advertise with us, please signup and choose "Advertiser" from the drop down menu.

How it works:

When you signup as an advertiser, load funds into your account and setup a campaign you select a value of $0.02c or above as your bid value. Depending on the highest bid at the time, each time someone sends a free txt message, they are shown your company name with a link to your site as well as a confirmation to send the text message, on confirmation, their message is sent and a pop-under window of your site is sent to the user.

The highest bidder at the time will also have a link to their page displayed on the front page of our site, you are also listed on the Advertisers list page. When the user sends a free TXT message, the highest bidder at the time will also have their page opened using a popunder.

Pop-unders are much more effective than popup windows, if a popup window appears to a user they usually close it as their focus is on the site they are currently surfing or using, however a pop-under window is generally looked at when a user is finished with the site they had been using. A number of ad agencies are now using pop-unders and charging a minimum of 30c per impression.

We in no way send SMS messages to users with your advert, this would be spam.

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